Can you spot the mobile phone?

Can you spot the mobile phone?

© Jaya May Cruz Facebook

The latest optical illusion is doing its rounds on social media land involves trying to find a phone on the floral rug.

Facebook user Jaya May Cruz uploaded the shot to her account with the caption ‘Let’s play a game, look for the cell phone’.

Have you spotted it yet? 

No? Here is the answer... 

You can’t un-see it now right?

After the image had been liked 140k times, Jeya followed up her initial post and wrote ‘Thank you everyone. I’m sorry I it made your eyes hurt and head ache… Thank you again!’ 

Of course this isn’t the only optical illusion to drive people crazy this year. A picture of what looked like a rock stuck between bricks had people scratching their heads in confusion as they tried to figure out what was happening.

It emerged that it was in fact a cigar emerging from the wall.

Again, once you spot it you can’t get the image out of your head! 

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