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Each local commercial radio station in the UK has requirements in respect of its music and local content, such as news, speech levels etc. These requirements are set out in the station "Format", a document issued by Ofcom, the UK’s radio regulator. This Public File contains details of the elements that Ofcom regulate, such as music tracks, local news etc. It is intended to give you a better understanding of our output and what we are doing for our local community.



News Bulletin Schedule including which bulletins provide local news and which provide only UK-wide bulletins.

Local Bulletins


Monday – Friday


0600 to 1900

Saturday – Sunday


0900 to 1300 (including North of England bulletins at 0700 & 0800)




National Bulletins


Monday - Sunday


Every non-local hour, except for 1700 & 1800 Sunday


Recent News stories covered on air

The News team

John Pickford


Editor in Chief

Jim Foulger


Head of News

Including: seven journalists operating from our studios in Manchester, with contributions from journalists from Bauer Media across the UK.

The programme schedule

The average number of hours of automated programming within weekday daytimes and within daytimes on Saturdays and Sundays:
Key 103 automates some of its output using computer technology. There is however no automation during daytime hours, apart from on significant public holidays.

The amount of local programming per day produced by the station:
All programming on Key 103 is produced and presented locally in our studios at Castle Quay, Manchester with the exception of the following:

Monday to Friday 0100-0600 - Fat Brestovca

Saturdays 0600-1200 – Stu & Kelly / Boogie & Dingo

Sundays 1600-1900 – The Big Top 40

Ofcom Localness Guidelines

Station Contact details:
Key 103
Castle Quay
M15 4PR
Tel: 0161 288 5000

Melissa Webster    Station Director
Jo Brown    Head of Commercial
Chris Pegg   Content Director
John Pickford   News Editor in Chief


Events/charities support or coverage:
Key 103’s Cash For Kids
Key 103 Jingle Ball, Summer Ball


Recent programme and/or news highlights:
See the News section

Any other issues or areas of interest likely to impact on localness:

The Station's Playlist

The Station Format


How to complain to the station or to Ofcom:
If you have a complaint about something you have heard on Key 103, in the first instance you should contact us directly. Our contact details are:


Key 103
Castle Quay
M15 4PR
Tel: 0161 288 5000

If the complaint or comments are about programming heard on the station, please address them to the Content Director.

If the complaint or comments are regarding advertising, please address them to the Head of Commercial.

You can comment on anything you’ve heard on Key 103 here.

Details on how to complain directly to Ofcom can be found on the Ofcom website.